“Indirect” Hot Air Generators

They are used when it is necessary to avoid contact of the material with the combustion fumes, in particular when using fuels such as diesel or Heavy Oil.

The process air enters the burner side, while the fumes exhaust is on the same side as where the hot air exits.   It enters from the burner side circulates inside the generator between the tube bundle, the combustion chamber and the mantle and also has the function of cooling the combustion chamber.

The construction types are customized according to the air temperatures, flow rates and the type of fuel.

The generator is completely isostatic, which means that the various parts, with different temperatures, are free to expand independently from each other. Internal cleaning of the tube bundle is possible by removing the external coating from the side of the fumes and then removing the cover which is fixed using appropriate screws.

From the burner side it is possible to enter the combustion chamber after having dismantled the burner supports.


  • Bricks industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Food industry
  • Grinding machines

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