Biomass combustor

Direct fire hot air generator for industrial dryers. Feed with fine size solid fuels (wood chips, sawdust, maize, biomass in general).

The system basically consists of a furnace in which the complete combustion of the biomass takes place, of a subsequent zone where a first decantation of the heavier particles takes place and of a last mixing section where the fumes in output mix with the outside air in order to get hot air at the desired temperature.

Biomass combustion takes place at a temperature of 800-850o C in order to guarantee the complete oxidation of volatile organic substances. The process is managed by a PLC that regulates all the variables involved in the process.


  • Pre-heating
  • Heating / loading start
  • Final heating
  • Regime

In the last phase the temperature is high enough to allow the burner to switch off (800-850o C), therefore the dosage of the wood chips becomes dependent on the temperature inside the dryer.

The benefit of this system compared to generators fed with natural gas is the use of a fuel with nearly no cost.

Powers from 500,000 to 5,000,000 kcal / h.

Operation in depression (the fumes are sucked by the dryer of the process air fan).


  • mixing with fumes and / or recovery air (ex. congeneration)
  • production of hot water

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