“Economy” & “Combi” Pyrolytic Ovens

Specially designed for the elimination of resins and impregnation paints from electric motors. They can also be used for stripping hooks, racks, supports, frames, etc. used in painting chambers and, in general, for the heat-cleaning of metal surfaces with controlled combustion of coatings or deposits of combustible organic substances.

The “ECONOMY” model is used for the demolition of impregnation resins of electric motor windings. The “COMBI” model, in addition to demolition, also allows drying of the resins of the new windings. The process is based on the pyrolytic decomposition of the resins, with the development of gases which are burned in the post-combustion chamber.


  • The use of a treatment kiln of this series avoids several disadvantages present when using the traditional oxyacetylene torch:
  • The risk that an operator runs with an open flame and inhaling the combustion fumes;
  • Environmental impact given from the fumes emitted into the atmosphere are partially burned and rich of volatile organic substances;
  • Technical: eliminating margin of error in temperatures and their impact on materials
  • Economical: time and labor costs are reduced.

In part these disadvantages are eliminated thanks to the presence of the post-combustion chamber, sized in compliance with the regulations in force for atmospheric emissions. A trolley is used for the loading of the motors in the chamber.

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