“FS” series organic waste static furnaces

Static incinerators have the purpose of eliminating organic waste (slaughtering waste, animal carcasses, etc.). Their operation is structured in cycles (normally two cycles per day) and is completely automatic: once the organic material has been loaded, the door is closed and the cycle starts which ends at the end of the set duration.

The oven consists of a combustion chamber and the post-combustion chamber. Each room is equipped with a one or two-stage monoblock type burner, fueled with diesel, natural gas or LPG. The control and the command are made by an electric control panel. At the end of the process, the ash discharge, which normally constitutes 3-5% of the weight of the introduced waste, is removed manually at the front door or, preferably, with an aspirator.

For a precise choice of the incinerator oven it is advisable to have the following information:

  • Type of waste
  • Daily quantity
  • Type of fuel available

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