“Stripper” Pyrolytic Ovens

Intended for the pyrolytic combustion of resins and paints.

Application examples

  • Stripping of hooks, racks, supports, frames etc. used in powder coating plants
  • Elimination of resins and impregnation paints of electric motors
  • Thermo-cleaning of metal surfaces with controlled combustion of coatings or deposits of combustible organic substances

The temperature in the treatment chamber is up to a value of 400-450°C depending on the characteristics of the metal support and the paint to be removed, so as to cause complete combustion gradually.


  • Conducting the entire process with indirect flame and at a sufficiently low temperature (max. 450°C) such as not to induce permanent deformations in the treated metal elements
  • Constant temperature control performed by a PLC which also acts on the water spray
  • Maximum safety during treatment
  • Lower management cost compared to other technologies
  • Irrelevant maintenance requirement
  • The modular construction of the chamber that allows it to be stretched in the future
  • Excellent insulation of the chamber, of which the external temperature does not exceed 40oC


Version equipped with a heat recovery system designed by us which, combined with a modulating combustion system, reduces the overall fuel consumption of the oven by 30% compared to the standard version, with the same installed power.

The principles on which the system is based are:

• Preheating of the combustion air and of the excess air necessary to ensure the complete oxidation of the volatile organic substances in the post-combustion chamber, up to a temperature of about 350 ° C

• Modulating combustion system with burner with refractory head and separate fan, which measures the amount of fuel required to maintain the set temperatures

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