Thermal Postcombustion Units

Created to eliminate volatile organic substances contained in air or in the products of combustion from incinerator, ovens, etc. at a temperature of 750-850 ° C.

The fumes with an adequate resting time (1-2 seconds) and with the presence of oxygen, following combustion, attains the elimination of pollutants from the fluid that needs to be purified. The heat input is obtained with natural gas, LPG or diesel burners, with single, two-stage or modulating type of operation. An external air supply system can be provided in the case of treatment of fumes or oxygen-poor fluids.

Post-burner series with the recovery system saves fuel, time and therefore also costs. This system consists of using the preheated air up to 350 ° C as combustion air. The possibility of heat recovery takes place thanks to a heat exchanger downstream of the preheater.

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