Tecnecoforni, brand of Tecflam Srl

Founded to develop plant applications for combustion units manufactured by Tecflam Srl, and has since been absorbed into the company but retaining its name as a brand.

With an experience of more than 20 years in the industry, we have earned the trust of our clients thanks to our quality, innovation and strive for eccellence.

Our companies commitment and flexibility have permitted us to respond in a precise way to the needs of our clients with reliable and quality products allowing us through the years to reap numerous successes in Italy and abroad, placing us in a strong position in our industry.

We manufacture highly technological and precise tailor made machines

  • Burn off ovens with controlled combustion for the thermal cleaning of metal components having residual organic material such as paint, plastic, rubber, resin etc.

  • Ovens for drying, treatment and baking, both in gas and electric versions.

  • Heat recovery systems, for high energy savings, able to reduce fuel consumption

  • Thermal after burner units, with heat recovery and in cooperation with qualified partners, also the regenerative and catalytic type

  • Hot air generators for industrial processes (aggregates, ceramic, bricks, food, cereals industries etc.), both of the direct and indirect type, using liquid and gas fuels

  • Thermal units for ovens and dryers, special burners using hot air etc.

  • Treatment ovens for high temperatures

  • Organic waste incinerator furnaces (solid and liquid slaughter waste) of static and rotary type

Our history

Our story starts in 1999, as sister company to Tecflam We start off immediately with baking and drying ovens, hot air generators and thermal machines for various industrial applications.

From 2018 Tecnecoforni Srl and Tecflam Srl become one entity and Tecnecoforni becomes a brand of Tecflam Srl.

Why Choose Us

  • Flexibility for the design of personalised plants according to the clients needs

  • Superior Quality: We only use high quality components and we adopt rigid standards of quality control to guarantee reliable and lasting performance.

  • Technical assistance and after sale service: The clients satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do. We are always ready to listen and reply to your questions and needs.


Quality and certification makes us stand out

  • ISO 9001 – No. Certificate 50 100 10767

  • ISO 14001 – Nr. Certificate 50 100 17313